-Resting in the Sun-

May the sun infuse you with its healing power, and the moon whisper to your inspiration.

I am contemplating on an emotional state or a specific personality, and then bringing it to ‘life’ again from my own perspective.

I started as a sketch enthusiast doing portraits as a kid. Since long though I gave up the realistic approach being inspired from my favorite painters, Van Gogh and S. Dali. These recent years I am especially fascinated by color, being compelled by its powerful radiance and beauty! Drawing is one of my passions since I remember myself.

Abstract and surrealist concepts with intense figures, edges, geometrical shapes, colors and contrasts are my favorite.

-Leap of Faith-

Thrive and dance through your obstacles. Be the acrobat of life with ecstatic Joy as your guide.


-Speak to the Universe-

Let your heart send all your wishes to the universe. Never may you think you are alone.

Send me a Message

if you would like one of my Paintings in your space, be welcome to contact me. (I have many more paintings to select from)

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