Let`s invite Music back into our lives, schools, and homes.

Music is about joy and creativity and we can all tap into these qualities each time we play or listen to music.


Goodbye performance anxiety! – Thoughts that helped me- Please share your insights of how one can get rid of performance anxiety (for musicians and all kinds of performance artists).

I share here what helped me, my life became much easier after those realizations! I wish someone told me that when I was very young!

Please share your insights too! It might help other people to find their way around this stress and anxiety to relaxation and enjoyment!

Let`s help the people who love and appreciate music to have a good headstart!

How to start learning music theory in a joyful yet efficient way?

Let`s talk! – The future of the classical music recital today

how to inspire our audience to focus in different ways
in a way that feels authentic to us performers?

Let’s connect and exchange opinions on the topic!


I want to raise the readers’ attention to the value of music education and how essential it is for Young Kids and Adults. Listening and Playing Music offers us a powerful channel to contribute incredibly to our well-being, mental health, and intellectual capacities.

We are born musical, and our predecessors used Music as a vital part of education for kids for thousands of years. They must have known something we nowadays have forgotten, as Music education is not significant in public schools nowadays. It is time to change that and invite Music back into school education and our homes.