–Perfection itself is imperfection–

Vladimir Horowitz

Master of Arts in Piano Performance – Belgium

Eager to meet the renowned professor and pianist Alan Weiss, Ioanna joined the Erasmus program in Leuven (Belgium). After this amazing experience, she decided to study Piano Performance (Master of Arts Degree) under Prof Weiss`s mentorship and graduated with distinction “cum laude”.

With Professor Weiss, she has been guided and encouraged to follow her nature as a musician and felt very supported in her journey to always keep discovering her own understanding and personal relation when playing a piece of music. In addition, she had the opportunity to explore a wide range of chamber music repertoire in ensembles such as piano duo, with clarinet, Flute, voice, and Violin in the class of Professors: Makiko Sakai, Paul Beelaerts, Philip Benoit, and Marc Tooten.

Bachelors-Music Science & Arts – Greece

In 2005, Ioanna joined the Music Science and Arts Department of the University of Macedonia of Thessaloniki (Greece) where she had the opportunity to study with Professor P. Vouvari, K. P. Kalakwna, and Charalambos Angelopoulos. There, Aside from developing her classical piano performance, and pedagogic skills as a teacher, many interesting people, and influences at the university made her explore and discover: Her interest in jazz music, experiments with jazz improvisations, and little piano compositions.

Her curiosity led her also to the international competition ‘Jugend Musiziert’ with flute ensemble where she was awarded the 1st prize in Greece and 1st prize in Alexandria (Egypt). This international experience awakened her interest and commitment for further studies abroad.

First contact with the Music World

Ioanna was born in September 1989 in Athens, Greece. At the age of 7 years, she started learning the piano at the Arianeio Conservatory, Athens (with R.Georgiou). Shortly after, Ioanna and her family moved to Thessaloniki (the capital of Northern Greece), At that time, Ioanna discovered her special connection to classical music and started her personal journey of becoming a classical pianist.

In terms of piano classes, she continued her studies in the Conservatory of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki in the class of the Russian teacher E. Guseinova. At the age of 11 (in 2001), she had her first competition experience at the Hellenic piano competition ‘Filonas’ in Athens, closing ‘with distinction’. In 2002, she entered the piano class in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (with the class of L. Vassileiadou and (later) the class of E. Zacharopoulou) and studied chamber music with M.Liakopoulou.

Master classes

(active participation)

  • Βrandt Fredriksen
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Jun Kanno
  • Ethel Latos
  • Johan Schmidt
  • Geoffrey J. Haydon
  • Miki Itoh
  • Diane Andersen
  • Reima Raijas
  • Frederic Rzewski
  • Haruhi Hata
  • Giorgos Thumis

Jugend Musiziert

Competition Chamber Music

  • 1st Price Greece
  • 2nd Price IN Alexandria (Egypt)

After her Studies

After her studies, Ioanna felt dedicated to personally meet her audience and giving piano recitals in different cities of Belgium. In 2015 she has been invited to play as a soloist at the `Thessaloniki piano festival` – `Young Artists`. Since 2018 Ioanna moved to Frankfurt am Main (Germany) where she continues her artistic activity, both as a dedicated piano teacher, and solo pianist, giving concerts to Belgian and German venues.


Ioanna has more than 10 years of teaching experience as a piano teacher. She has been teaching already since she was herself a piano student in the State Conservatory and she believes that being a piano teacher is a valuable and complementary means for artistic self-development.

Ioanna continued her teaching activity in Leuven (Belgium), working with a wide range of students (age range 6-65), and is teaching currently in Frankfurt am Main. Ioanna enjoys greatly guiding students and seeing them grow and explore music in their unique way.