Music Events

Make your event special with live music!

Ensemble – Duo or Trio

We can offer you a duo (Piano-vocal ensemble) or a trio ensemble (Piano-Vocals and another instrument) to make your Event special with live music.


Our repertoire for Events is a mix of piano solo and music with the ensemble. We play classical music, ethnic music with improvised elements, improvisation live on stage (atmospheric character), and our own compositions.

Piano Concert

I have a very broad piano repertoire with a strong focus on classical, romantic, and post-romantic music. This kind of music can be romantic, dramatic, or calm and soothing. It is very powerful and engaging and there are so many different options to fit every occasion.

I would be happy to add pop/jazz or some of your favorite songs to the program.

I would be delighted to offer you a piano concert (45-60 minutes) to make your event special. Live music is amazing and will always stay in people’s memories. Be it for a private party, a wedding, or in the lounge of your hotel or your music event. (assuming you have a piano). Make your event special with live piano music!

Please note that I require early notice for bookings.

Leave me a message with:

-the date
-the place
-the description of your event
-your contact Data

I would love to hear from you and make your event special with great music!