My Philosophy

         -Each student learns in a different way


Teaching the Piano

” Being a Piano Teacher is a valuable part of my personal development as a Musician and an Artist. I have been teaching for more than 10 years, as I started when I was a student at the State Conservatory.

It is a great pleasure to see my students flourish in their Skills and Creativity ”

Young students: My approach

Playfulness and curiosity are natural for children, introducing them to music must be connected to those qualities. Musical games and fun challenges are part of my teaching program for very young students.

Connecting information with sound and keeping the class interactive when learning the basics is imperative. Information that is felt and experienced becomes knowledge! which stays long-term vividly in memory.

Get exposed to music as early as possible.

See the Teacher play

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Music Workshops – Getting ready for the piano class

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We need happy virtuosos in this world

Becoming a pianist should be connected to a child’s overall well-being. Maintaining an appropriate learning pace, choosing the right learning approach, and keeping the communication channels open is crucial.

Each student learns differently, and my job as a teacher is to approach each student as an individual case.

I give my students the tools to become professional Pianists if they choose to. But whichever journey they pursue, I am delighted to support them in experiencing the Joy of Music, my goal as a piano teacher.

When the caretaker reminds their child kindly that they have to practice and sees a happy smile on their face, that is a great sign of a kid’s interest, showing that music has entered their life organically!

Certain learning stages are naturally more demanding for piano students. My support and contribution as a teacher are critical for them to have their breakthroughs and reach the following levels of development. From the start, I make it clear that we are learning together as a team and will approach learning challenges together.

At the end of each piano Semester, I organize a teacher-parent talk session, but my students always know in advance where we are standing and what I will share with their parents. Direct communication and connection with my students are very important.

I present new learning milestones as fun new challenges to pursue. But at the same time, I explain how important it is to practice daily to play all these exciting tunes.

We discuss in class why one has to practice frequently and how to make it part of the daily routine. – It is like `brushing your teeth every night`! In addition, I would always remind them to practice if need be, but I would never pressure them. A reminder is helpful, but a command would have the opposite effect.

Like an athlete who needs the training to gain strength and stamina, a Pianist needs regular practicing for the fingers/hands to develop correctly and the musical understanding to get deeper.

Adult students: My approach

Our natural state is to be creative; we are all born that way, with no exception. It is up to us to maintain those channels open through adulthood.


The Slow way is the Fastest

Regular practice is key

No “mistakes “, no learning progress!

Adults with lots of piano experience need a different approach than beginners. I teach both groups with the same enthusiasm because my ultimate goal as a teacher is to get my students to experience the joy of music wherever the entry point is!

Playing the piano can be your vehicle back to your creativity, your solitude, and your joyful spirit anytime. All one needs to develop their piano playing is patience, daily practice, and love for music.

Choose your goals and stay focused

Learning the piano is a fascinating journey of development, requiring time and effort. Stay focused on your learning progress, don’t compare yourself to others, but allow yourself to get inspired by them.

Each person is different, and so is each pianist. My goal as a teacher is for you to choose your path as a musician. You can’t become someone else because you are YOU!

Set your goals, and follow the road map patiently to get there. It is okay to drive with hitchhikers for some time, but the destination is yours!