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Piano Class

Playing the piano will change how your brain functions.

Children 6y.+

LEVELS | beginner, intermediate, advanced

BOOKING | On a Semester Basis

For kids below 6y. Group workshops are coming soon.


LEVELS | intermediate, advanced

BOOKING | Bundles or Single classes

Beginners with previous experience in arts are welcome to contact me.

My goal as a piano Teacher is for my Students (Children & Adults) to experience the joy of Music

Simultaneously, exposure to and playing music as early as possible helps children be highly functional in their school subjects, especially math, and languages. It improves their concentration ability and combination thinking.

Music Stimulates the left frontal lobe in our brain, which speeds up a children´s ability to learn languages.

Playing the piano stimulates the connection between our right and left hemispheres which helps to process and integrate information faster.


Practice, Devotion, Joyful Spirit, and Love for Music make a great Pianist.

I connect and work with each student in a different way. There is not one `right method` to learning the piano. The well-being of my students is as importand to me as seeing them excel in their pianistic and musical abilities.

If my students aspire to become professionals or choose to play for themselves only, I will be delighted to support them in their own journey of development.

Current and upcoming classes and Workshops (available in German, English and Greek)

Piano Class

Private Piano class for:

  • kids 6y+
  • Teenagers
  • Adults & Seniors

Class duration: 45/60 mins

Online Piano class

The Teacher provides 4 camera views:

  • close up to the keys
  • above head
  • side
  • pedal

available for all Students 9y+

Coming soon- Music workshops in Groups

Preparatory Workshops for infants in Groups to get ready for the Piano class.

Group classes for:

  • Moms & Infants 6-12Months
  • Young kids 1-3y
  • Young Kids 3-6y

I am thrilled to see Students Flourish in their Skills and Creativity. Each Student has their Unique way of moving forward.

Learning the piano is a process of development. It is up to you how far you wish to explore your abilities and how much you want to challenge yourself.

Music is an endless playground!

To learn the piano, you must have a proper instrument at home to practice what we are learning together in class.

You may start with a good keyboard with graded weighted keys and sensitive touch and can upgrade later on. If you have an acoustic piano (Upright or Grand piano), that would be the ideal choice.

Regular practice sessions are necessary to see any progress. I will guide and support you in learning the most efficient and effective way to practice when you are on your own. This will speed up your learning process.

Like an athlete who needs the training to gain strength and stamina, a Pianist needs regular practicing for the fingers/hands to develop correctly and the musical understanding to get deeper.