About me as an Illustrator

I love working with people and assisting them with their vision with my illustrations. I love this kind of creative process. Working on commissions, and being of service to someone else`s business enriched my perspective as an Artist.


I do custom-made illustrations for books, posters/labels for advertisements, abstract Paintings for decorative use.

I have a specific style as a painter, but when I work with my clients I can adjust to many different styles, according to their needs.

8 questions to tune into your needs!

Are you Interested to work together? Great! Please fill- in the Form with the following eight questions answered so that I can tune into your needs in the best way possible.


  • Your message: What do you want your design to `say`?
  • Use: is this for a book? a Website? A poster for advertisement? A label for a product? A Painting for decoration (for which room)?
  • Lines: Realistic ? or more 2d like a comic? sketch-like vibe or more smoothly polished?
  • Colors: intense or soft and smooth?
  • Complexity: lots of symbols and details or more plain and simple figures?
  • Style: How would you describe it? Intense, Romantic, abstract, minimal?
  • Timeline: when do you want to have your design done?
  • Budget: What is your budget?

How do I work?

When a project starts it is very important to me to speak directly to the business owners themselves. I need to be able to understand their Vision and long-term goal to make designs that will consistently support their business.

I offer a free session at the start of each project, to brainstorm with my client. At the end of the call, I will make my suggestions and very soon I will send some raw drafts to finetune the direction we are going towards.

I send my clients drafts to update them on my progress, and I am always open to new ideas.


I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Ioanna since 2023. Her work is beautiful and captures the essence of what I’m trying to communicate as a business owner.

The work I do can be abstract, yet she effortlessly grasped the concept and put it into the illustrations. I’ve worked with her on many projects and find her to be professional, easy to work with, reliable and communicative. Her input and ideas were valuable in making my “idea” a reality. She’s open to feedback and accomodates change quickly and efficiently.  I look forward to many more collaborations with her.


Mona Wind- lifeintegrity.com



Resting in the Sun

Available as posters or digital downloads. My works speak about people’s characters and the subconscious mind.

I am contemplating on an emotional state or a specific personality, and then bringing it to ‘life’ again from my own perspective.

I started as a sketch enthusiast doing portraits as a kid. Since long though I gave up the realistic approach being inspired from my favorite painters, Van Gogh and S. Dali. These recent years I am especially fascinated by color, being compelled by its powerful radiance and beauty! Drawing is one of my passions since I remember myself.

Abstract and surrealist concepts with intense figures, edges, geometrical shapes, colors and contrasts used to be my favorite.

Nowadays, I enjoy experimenting with different styles.

-Leap of Faith-

Thrive and dance through your obstacles.



We are all Things

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