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I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Ioanna since 2023. Her work is beautiful and captures the essence of what I’m trying to communicate as a business owner.

The work I do can be abstract, yet she effortlessly grasped the concept and put it into the illustrations. I’ve worked with her on many projects and find her to be professional, easy to work with, reliable and communicative. Her input and ideas were valuable in making my “idea” a reality. She’s open to feedback and accomodates change quickly and efficiently.  I look forward to many more collaborations with her.


Mona Wind-


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Testimonials-Piano Teacher

About Us

“Wer Ioanna kennenlernt, erkennt von Anfang an, dass sie Feuer und Flamme für ihren Beruf ist. Sie schafft es jede Stunde sich in ihre Schüler reinzuversetzen und Schwierigkeiten zu erkennen und überwinden. Ihre sympathische und menschliche Art machen es einem sehr einfach sich voll und ganz auf das Instrument einzulassen und vor allem ihr als Lehrerin zu vertrauen. Wer die Musik und vor allem das Klavier liebt, ist bei ihr gut aufgehoben..”


Elena, Frankfurt

“Ioanna hat mir mit ihrer freundlichen, positiven und genauen Art in kurzer Zeit schon viel beigebracht und Spaß und Motivation am Klavierspielen vermittelt. Das gilt sowohl für technische Elemente als auch den emotionalen Zugang zur Musik. Als jemand, der zwar als Kind schon gespielt hat, aber eine lange Pause hatte, habe ich eine super Lehrerin gefunden!.”


Martin K., Frankfurt

“I feel compelled to write a glowing review for Ioanna, our piano teacher. From the moment we met her, it was clear that she possessed a special talent for nurturing young musicians and unlocking their true potential. Her dedication and passion for music have had an immeasurable impact on my daughter’s journey, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Superb piano teacher also for adults. I highly recommend Ioanna.


Paola F., Frankfurt

Plato, Aristotle among other renewed philosophers, emphasized the vital role of Music in a kid’s educational upbringing; they even went as far as to claim that Music played a crucial role in the formation of a kid’s personality.

Playing and listening to Music is essential for kids and adults. All ancient civilizations, our ancestors, knew and valued Music for what it is.

I want Music to be a core part of the school curriculum, an organic part of our homes, and serve many societal functions, as it has been for centuries worldwide. Plenty of scientific evidence proves the Influence of Music on the brain, about how it can speed up a child’s intelligence, empathy, and overall well-being.

Plato said that “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”.

We are born with the sense of rhythm

The most natural thing for newborns is to feel the rhythm. In the book of Sue Doherty about Kinergetics and music’s influence in the early life of babies, it is described through scientific studies how infants’ brains register everything. However, their motoric system is not yet developed enough to allow them to `clap in the rhythm` right away.