Challenges are a natural part of the learning process

Learning a new skill without facing any challenges is impossible. If you do not feel challenged when learning something completely new, no real learning is happening.

Challenges appear only to remind you that you are getting better; they also show you the areas you need to improve. Why not approach them with a positive attitude and patience then? They are on your side. I challenge you!

At times you may feel stuck and emotionally charged in your progress, which is normal, and it means there is a certain threshold you need to break through to go to your next level of development. Sometimes, feeling stuck feels like `forever,` but you will be amazed by the results if you keep going. Just know that failing until you get it right is inevitable in every student’s process.

Take a break, prepare a tea and come back to practice :)

Remember that a new level of depth is unlocked for the performer when one overcomes a particular musical challenge, and this would make all your efforts worth it.

What I find extraordinary with Music and arts is that this deepening and level-unlocking never ends. There are always new things to be discovered, even for the most renowned players; Music is endless.

My piano challenge and what it taught me

-I practiced a piece for one hour, and it felt as if I made no progress.
-I gave it one more hour of effort. Finally, I was convinced that there was nothing more to do (I felt stuck entirely), and I would have rather played some other pieces instead (before I revisited this piece).

-A week passed, and I was more focused on practicing other pieces. I tried my piece again to see how it felt out of curiosity. To my great surprise, I played it perfectly, and everything was `in place.`
-I wondered, `what kind of superpower is that?` But this is no superpower, and it is just normal!


My piano students experience this as well, and we always discuss it and laugh about `before` and `after.`

Each level of Mastery has its unique challenges

The challenges of becoming a musician are many, but depending on how far you want to go, you can pick your challenges and go only as far as it is fun and comfortable.

If you envision yourself playing complex piano pieces, this is great!!! Usually, the farther you go, the bigger the challenges, and the bigger the fun!

But one does not have to play necessarily play more difficult pieces to have fun. Easier pieces can be tremendously fun too! The only difference is that more advanced pieces have a `bigger buffet` of sounds and moods.

The choice is yours to make! There is no wrong preference here.
I enjoy playing all kinds of pieces, the easy, the challenging, and the highly challenging ones. It is entertaining for me to see where the challenges are and to overcome them one by one. When I learn something new, I feel so happy!

Tips on mastering your challenges with more ease

  • Make sure you stay focused on tackling your challenges with a positive spirit. Attitude matters a lot, and it can skyrocket your development. It is essential to keep your practicing schedule with discipline, but have fun and enjoy each time you sit down to practice!
  • Make sure to use the advice of an expert. Your teacher/mentor will help you steer your efforts in the best direction for you to progress much faster.
  • Always keep yourself motivated on your goals, and reserve daily practice time. When you put your time and effort into this process, trust that your devotion will be rewarded and relax into enjoying the experience.
  • Last but not least, avoid focusing on unproductive comparisons with other musicians because we all have different paths and learning curves with special features unique to each person.


I have great fun and joy in observing the different phases of musical evolution that my students and I go through. It is beautiful to watch us grow and develop and assist my piano students in their journey.


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